How to Get the Best Whale Watching Packages

A majestic and incredible adventure is in store for anyone opting for whale-watching packages. While price is often the yardstick in choosing whale-watching packages, there’s more to it than getting on a boat and going to where they are.

Safety concerns, big crowds, unsuitable vessels, and inexperienced crew are some of the worse things you can experience when you choose the wrong kind of whale-watching packages. A crowd-laden boat and an inexperienced crew is not something you would want as a first whale-watching experience.

With this said, what are the things to consider to picking out the best whale-watching packages? The important things to look for during your search for the best whale-watching package tours include:

What does the package include?

It gets a while to get to the place of whales. Sailing from the shore to the time watching the whales, and going back can literally take a long time. You can get hungry and thirsty during the tour. Are meals or snacks included in the package? It’s always smart to know up front as whale-watching is not a quick trip. The amenities included or not included in the whale-watching package can make or break the experience.

The price

The amenities, vessel, crew, and length of the tour are the factors that affect the costs of the whale packages offered by whale-watching tours. The smartest way is to collect and compare the prices before selecting the tour that meets your expectations and budget. Getting bang for your buck means knowing what every whale-watching tour brings to the equation.

What is your focus?

Whale-watching has become one of the tours that have trapped large tourism dollars. The popularity of this ecotourism tour has made tour companies scramble on the bandwagon. The advertisement alone can be confusing. Selling and branding whale watching has many tour companies offer multiple tour packages that often do not deliver on the experience. It’s recommended to stay focused on the experience you want to get before choosing a whale-watch package.

Taking a closer look at the crew

The crew should be the first thing to focus on when searching for whale watching tours. The last thing that can worry you while on the water is the time to see a whale. However, your safety is compromised when the entire whale watching excursion is manned by an inexperienced crew.

Asking a tour office about the training of their staff and years of operations should not be considered as wrong questions. You are entrusting your safety in their hands and asking questions from tour offices about their experience and training is relevant. The ideal solution is to find an experienced and locally-owned and managed tour office. The experience should include years of knowing the seas.

Know the type of boat

One of the most important factors that can make you decide on a touring business is the kind of boat used during the tour. It has been seen that while there are marine vessels that can be used wholly for whale watching the most stable of all to use in local waters is the catamaran boat.

Following the tips above ensure getting the best whale watching tours. Getting the appropriate tour package means maximising the experience of watching the whales and other marine wildlife in their natural habitat. Contact us for tours available at Spirit of Hervey Bay.

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