Online Travel Booking

Life has a lot of things and other surprises to offer. It’s something that people can’t do without. Apart from regular or occasional hobbies, leisure and travel are included in the bucket list. Going to a place you have never been provides not only excitement but also contentment in life. Ordinary people live simple lives, and it’s not every day that you can wander around and give yourself a break especially now that technology has seemingly cooperated with what you want to do occasionally with the extra investments you have.

We at Monaco-Congress are waiting for you to give us the go on when and where you want to spend your first travel adventure. Our friendly and very accommodating staff will now welcome you in advance to this very important event in your life. This is your stepping stone to future escapades around your local destinations and in the international sceneries around the globe. Your first destination awaits with just a few clicks of your fingertips. Before you go any further, allow us to show you what we do and how we go about it.

Online booking system

An online booking tool or system is used typically by travel agencies and business organizations to manage their business travel online. Apart from making bookings, online booking tools usually allow individuals or organizations to view data travel in real time like how much time will be spent from one particular destination to the other. Moreover, the tool or system can track or trace their travellers online using their departure and arrival time at a particular destination of their choice. More importantly, they can issue travel warnings or critical advisories to travellers involving factors like inclement weather or acts of violence or terrorism in a particular country. With this strategy, they can enforce business travel policies to all their bookers or passengers.

How does it work?

Basically, an online booking system works with a particular software which allows a potential customer to book and pay for an activity,  an itinerary or a service directly through their website.

Online reservations

It’s a software you can use for reservation management. It allows tour and travel operators to accept bookings online and manage travel orders or requests over the phone or directly in person.

Related examples

  • Airline ticketing and reservation – travel agencies use websites with secure connections where travellers or plane passengers choose a destination and the airline they want to board. The site tells the passenger if regular or promo fare is in effect during the transaction and the specific travel period applied.
  • Hotel reservation – almost every online travel booking systems work in the same manner. In this case, a guest chooses a hotel, a particular room he wants to stay in, and the services that accompany the package with the price paid by a customer.
  • Equipment rental and reservation – For travel and tours operators, some services may come with special equipment like those of water sports and rough terrain vehicles like ATV’s. During peak seasons, reservations should be made earlier in order to enjoy the rest of the adventure.