Fishing tips for chasing a marlin in Cairns

Thinking about joining in on the marlin fishing craze? If you are visiting Cairns for the sole purpose of chartering a fishing boat, you are actually at the right place. By keeping the following tips in mind you would be able to get your hands on a marlin.

  • It’s best to keep things simple. This is because too many people get caught up in the idea of chartering a fishing boat with all the latest equipment. What’s more some people even go a step ahead and purchase their own expensive equipment. They would try to buy the best quality rods and baits. However, it should be kept in mind that fishing is a technique which is polished through experience and no amount of expensive gear can land you the catch you want. Its only seasoned pros who actually know these tried and tested techniques. The first technique is to make sure to keep things simple. Just invest in a high quality rod and a few baits which would work.
  • Experts advise that anyone interested in catching a marlin should concentrate on their technique and learn to use whatever gear they possess. The amount of practice which they put in is what actually counts and comes in handy.
  • The basic idea is to invest in quality instead of quantity. You can have all the gear in the world but if you can’t practice or give time, you may not be able to polish your skills to the best of your ability. Just buy two or three top outfits instead of investing in five of those or more. Just make sure you buy quality stuff. Keep in mind that there is only one fish which you can fight in a single stroke. You need equipment which would help you do just that. So get your hands on the best quality equipment out there.
  • Always take time to understand the kind of gear you have. Just because you have been over enthusiastic and bought everything you came across, it’s not necessary to familiarize yourself with what you have. Learn about the drag system of the reel. Practice how much drag is needed on the reel when the spool is emptied. Practice on your gear as much as you can. This would help make up for a more interesting fishing experience.
  • If you are a novice you would do well with throwing in not more than three or four lures. However, make sure to use a quality teaser. Throwing in too many lures can be distracting and is certainly something best left to the experts. Fewer lures mean you have less in the water if you actually land a strike. The lures should be placed close to the boat, another at the back and the third one in clear water.
  • If you are thinking about using live bait, you may want to consider only two of those. Stagger the lures to make sure that the reel remains untangled.

Use the above mentioned techniques to hunt the prize with marlin fishing from Cairns.

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